Does the Geico App Track You? Find Out

It’s no secret that the Geico app tracks your movements. But does it track you? It may sound like a conspiracy theory; However, in reality, this event is possible with today’s technology. The Geico app tracks you in several ways.

GPS Coordination

One way is through GPS coordinates, which can be accessed by the company whenever it wants and for whatever reason. The app also has access to your phone’s camera, microphone, operating system information (including location history), contact lists on your device, and more.

This means that there are not only people looking at where you live now and who you’ve spoken with recently as well. These permissions may seem broad enough to cause concern over privacy violations. First, we set out to download the app, which wasn’t easy. The Geico app is only available through the Google Play Store.

So, while Android users can download it without issue, iPhone users must take a few extra steps to get it on their phone.

If you wish to download Geico’s app, follow these steps:
1) Download special software called Bluestacks from this website. Bluestacks allow you to run android apps on your computer so that they appear as if they’re on your phone

2) Download the Geico app from the Google Play Store onto Bluestacks. The app will not appear on your computer, but rather as if you had downloaded it on an android mobile device

3) Enable Bluetooth on your phone, then make sure Bluetooth is enabled in Bluestacks (it should be by default)

4) Select Bluetooth settings on your phone and pair it with the Geico app running on your computer. From there, you can open up the Geico App and start using it as if installed onto your phone

Instead of touching your screen, you must navigate through the app using your mouse which was not successful. It has no locations or tracking features.

It only allows you to compare vehicle insurance quotes by locating the information on Geico’s website and company records.

We came across this document: “Geico Mobile Applications.” This document clearly says that Geico does in fact have a mobile application and that they are using Bluetooth to communicate with their app.

The only problem is that it doesn’t specify which one of their apps uses Bluetooth, so we could not tell if it’s the Geico app or any other one of their apps. So, what are the odds that an app like Geico’s will track you? Well, it’s not as likely as people claim. But it’s not impossible.

Be careful if you are using apps on your phone, especially if they try to implement a new feature or software update that requires you to let them track you.

Is the Geico mobile app free?

No, the Geico mobile app is not free. For Android users, the Geico App is $4.99 on the Google Play store. iPhone users will have to download Bluestacks to get around iTunes restrictions and buy the app for $4.99 on Bluestacks or Mac Store.

How do you know if you are being tracked by a specific device?

There are several ways that a device can track your online activity without installing any special software onto your computer or cell phone device.

These methods will include:

1) monitoring you through your internet browser

2) using cookies to track your browsing history

3) tracking you through user reverse searches

It is nearly impossible to tell that you are being tracked in the first place because the tracking software is embedded in your computer’s or cell phone’s operating system.

In other words, they can be used as a stealth mode tracker. We have seen several websites misuse the term “Geo-Fencing.”

What is Geo-Fencing?

It is a method of using GPS technology to track a movement pattern.

Whether you’re moving or standing still, Geo-Fencing will be able to track your locations up to the second. Geo-fencing is most often used by location-based applications such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb when you are hailing a taxi or renting an apartment.

In this case, the software on your cell phone is not taking note of your location, but rather your online interactions with the software are being monitored by Geofence software. This means that someone has placed a certain area as an “authorized” or “authorized” area.

Geo-Fencing commonly involves placing your computer, cell phone, or other types of internet-enabled device on an authorized network where they can easily access your internet service provider (ISP) and website use without your knowledge or permission.

Who is Geico’s voice?

Geico’s agent is voiced by Jon Bennet, who is a long-time voice actor and has also starred in many movies and television shows. He became the voice of Geico in 2002 and has been the official voice of Geico ever since.

Is there any way I can get Geico to stop tracking me?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get Geico to stop tracking you. The only way that you can get them to stop is if you do not use their services.

While this may seem drastic, it is your only option to take control back over your privacy. Internet Tracking and Surveillance What is the point of having a geolocation feature or app? I want to know where I am so I can find someplace to eat. Well, as a general rule, location-based apps use very little data.

This means that you would only need to download their app, which will provide you with some basic features that will allow you to track your current location and get an estimated distance from a certain place.

For example, if you are looking for an open restaurant in your immediate area or even to see what places are close by within walking distance, then your geolocation app would be fine for this purpose.

Is the Geico App worth it?

The Geico app is definitely worth the money. It’s a great way to get affordable car insurance quotes.
We probably wouldn’t use it for long-term tracking because cars can be rented out much cheaper, because you do not need the entertainment option that the app offers.

How Often Should You update Geico App?

Periodically. We know that Geico has an updated history on the Google Play Store and the iTunes store, posted on their website. You can check for updates there weekly or bi-weekly if you are on a paid subscription plan like we are.

How do I Uninstall the Geo-Fence App?

The way that we usually uninstall apps is through our Settings menu. Remember to uninstall an app from Android settings, and you will need to disable your location services on your phone first for your device to allow you to uninstall apps through the settings menu.

Does Geico app track speed?

Geico App Using GPS to Track Road Trips Yes, we have tracked how the Geico app tracks our vehicles more than once, and we have found that they are not very accurate at all. They can be off by anywhere from just a few miles to many many miles.

One part of the issue is that it measures by road signs. So if there are no posts on the side of the road saying how far you are from a particular city, it could be off by even several miles.

We have run this test multiple times while it is raining, and after it has stopped raining, they never matched up correctly for a few hours.

In addition, we have seen them be off by anywhere from several hundred miles to several thousand miles. For Instance, during a road trip, and they were off by more than 10,000 miles! Geico’s app tracks each member of your party individually. You can view their location anywhere in the world (or at least where you will be).

In Summary, If you don’t want the app tracking you, delete it completely. There are plenty of excellent services out there that offer similar features without compromising privacy. Remember, that they may still have all this information stored on their servers, so be sure to read up more about what’s being collected if you’d like to know for sure before deleting it the app.

What you think of the Geico app? Do you think it is tracking you? Or are you concerned about privacy on your phone?

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