October 22, 2021

Elon Musk Crashes Clubhouse

The App Couldn’t Handle The World’s Number #1 Billionaire

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What is clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a social networking app focused on audio-chat. Users may listen to conversations, interviews, and discussions between interesting people on various subjects. So far the app is available for iPhone users. The Clubhouse is just an invite-only application. You can’t just download it and build an account in the app store. You have to be invited by a current member to join, much like a real-life country or yacht club. Elitism in the modern world but making it interactive.

The news of Elon Musk’s upcoming arrival at 10 p.m. Sunday evening caused a flood of tweets from people seeking invites to listen to him talk. California time sprinkled across the internet. Several “pre-game” rooms emerged beforehand to resolve the upcoming emergence of Musk, where participants can join or listen to conversations.

The debut of the Tesla, Inc. CEO Elon Musk on a new social conversation app, “Club House,” was a crazy crash ride, with talk varying from rigging the brain of a monkey for video games to the roasting of Robinhood’s chief executive. By the entrepreneur, all. Simultaneously, Because of the increase in supply to experience the richest man in the world chat, some participants could not join

The session started with the colonization of Mars by Space Exploration Technologies Corp., the founder of the rocket company, which briefly followed up on whether or not the “The Expanse” TV series was enjoyable to watch.

The Talk about Aliens

“The main thing is that we create Mars as a society that is self-sustaining and that we guarantee consciousness’s long-term survival,” Musk said.” That led to a back-and-forth about aliens, of course. “I saw no conclusive proof,” he said. “It doesn’t mean that there aren’t aliens; I just haven’t seen the proof.”

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Tesla “The Electric Car Venture”

Musk had a message for battery makers for Tesla, the electric-car venture that is the source of much of his wealth: make more. “Our suppliers need to emphasize that we’re not trying to put them out of business; we want them to raise their rates,” Musk said. During Tesla’s “battery day” event in September, he announced that the company would start manufacturing its own cells to supplement more outside supplier purchases.

Elon Musk takes to the clubhouse app to call for more battery cells. It is essential to achieve Tesla’s target of selling 20 million EVs a year because it will replace around 1 percent of the 2 billion cars expected to be on roads by 2030, Musk said. In the organization’s fundamental objective, thus “moving the needle” to accelerate the advent of renewable energy. That aim is quite a stretch, as less than 10 million vehicles were delivered last year by the world’s two largest carmakers. “We’re trying to grow the production of cars as quickly as possible, but battery-cell production is the primary limiting factor,” Musk said.

During his talk with Tenev, Elon Musk summed up Clubhouse’s appeal, noting that’ context switching is the mind-killer.’ The principle is that they will concentrate on one subject at a time while users are logged into Clubhouse, with alerts disabled