October 22, 2021

Hazel — The New High Tech N-95 Face Mask

Can you look fashion forward wearing a mask?

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Photo Credit: Razer.com

Razer, which is the world’s leading gamer lifestyle brand, has diversified their portfolio of products to create an N95 class face mask that is dramatically different from every other product on the market to battle the coronavirus.

Project Hazel combines futuristic design with cutting-edge technology to create a unique yet stylish high-tech face N95 mask. It’s considered one of the most intelligent masks that you could own with safety being the number one priority with its creation. What exactly helps the Hazel high-tech face mask stand out from other masks on the market?

Safety is the Priority

The Hazel face mask was designed with safety in mind. The respirator of the surgical N95 mask is built with a BFE or high bacterial filtration efficiency. This allows the mask to be resistant to any type of fluid headed its way allowing for ultimate protection against other people’s germs. The Hazel High Tech Mask was designed with a ventilator that regulates airflow, unlike regular masks that constrict your breathing. You can feel comfortable wearing your Hazel mask knowing that 95% of airborne particles have been completed filtered out. When you are done wearing your mask for the day, your charging case will auto-sterilize your mask with a UV light interior that kills bacteria.

Feel Comfortable in Your Mask

The Hazel N95 mask was designed to be comfortable. One of the most frustrating parts of wearing a mask is how uncomfortable it can feel on your face and around your ears. Hazel’s innovative design integrates active ventilation to release the warm air you breathe while bringing in cooler air. This reduces the CO2 buildup, which is often associated with side effects such as dizziness, headaches, or nausea. The air-tight seal around the mask is designed to not actually touch your face while preventing any air from leaking in, making talking in this mask a breeze. The thicker ear loops provide optimal comfort for your long days of mask-wearing. The mask can even be custom-designed for your face type.

Add Your Personality

The design of the N95 mask is transparent which allows your face to still be seen. If you are meeting up at nighttime, the smart mask will light up automatically to let you express yourself, even if the lighting is not ideal. You can even personalize your mask with over 16.8 million colors to choose from, along with cool effects that let your mask reflect your unique personality.

Created to be Sustainable

The mask includes a wireless charging case that charges and sterilizes at the same time, keeping your mask ready to go whenever you are. The mask is created with rechargeable ventilators that have a long battery life to ensure you can use your mask consistently throughout the day.

The mask was designed to be your go-to, everyday mask. Hazel’s mask is scratch-resistant and waterproof, providing sustainability and durability. The Hazel mask was created from recycled plastic, so unlike disposable masks, you are investing in a mask that is better for the environment. Hazel is a unique high tech face mask. While Razer is not the first company to reimagine the N95 high-tech face mask, they do have the technology and design elements that stand apart from their competition. While the mask does not have an official release date just yet, fans around the world are excited to get their hands on this innovative mask.