October 22, 2021

I Locked My Keys In My Car, Now What?

We all have those moments where we lock our keys in the car and need to get inside. It can be such a frustrating and embarrassing situation, but don’t worry! It’s important to stay prepared for any potential emergency.

There are ways to access what you need when your keys are locked in the car. One way to be prepared for your keys is by keeping a spare set tucked away in the car just in case.

If you don’t have another set handy, we’ve rounded up the best options for recovering your lost keys so that you never find yourself locked out again.

Locked Out? 

First: Get a spare key! Keys can be expensive, so it’s worth having one or two spares just in case. Breaking into your car is a difficult task, but the good news is that you can often get an emergency key cut from just one of the keys in your possession.

If you don’t have access to another set of keys or any tools for cutting through locks on cars, it may be worth checking out welding shops and parts stores near where you are.

If the keycaps are still intact on your lost key, ask a friend to take the car for a drive while you sit in the backseat and listen for the “tick tick tick” of the tumblers falling into place.

Once you’ve determined which numbers on your key need to line up with their counterparts on the lock, assume that they do and get them there. This is called “key bumping,” and there are many ways to do it.

Key Bumping

Key Bumping with something like a screwdriver or a screwdriver handle. Place the key-end of the tool straight up against the lock and “bump” it. You can also hit it with a piece of wood or other rigid object or lightly tapping on the lock itself to see if you can jiggle it into place.


A hammer is something like a small nail or a ballpoint pen. Gently tap the key-end of the pen against the lock and listen for the “tick tick tick” of the tumblers falling in place.

If you hear a click as well as a tick, stop immediately and don’t move that piece around. If bumping your keys didn’t do the job, double-check that they’re not in there anywhere.

Look in cup holders, under floor mats, or seats. Clean out your glove box entirely, inside and out if necessary. If they’re not there either, call a locksmith or tow truck to get them for you.

This is because the tumblers of most locks will have to turn several times before they’re able to engage fully, and there’s no telling how long that might take. Nor do you know how many tumblers there are.

Download Car Key Finder App

While the chances of getting locked out are small, it happens! To make a safe choice, download your Car Key Finder app on your iPhone or Android device and then follow this simple guide on opening your car using the app.

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Image By Kashif Afridi