October 22, 2021

Is Gabi Insurance Legit ( What to Know Before You Sign Up)

Gabi Insurance is a direct-to-consumer insurance provider, meaning they sell their policies without the help of agents. With Gabi Insurance, you can compare rates more quickly because there are no middlemen to take commissions.

Simply put, Gabi Insurance is an online insurance provider. Unlike most other providers, they are more of a direct-to-consumer platform, which sells their policies through agents.

Gabi Insurance Types

Gabi Insurance offers three different types of insurance policies: personal, home/auto, and renters. Unique covers accidents that happen while away from your house or apartment at work, school, and vacation activities—basically anywhere except in your residence.

Homeowner’s coverage protects if something happens to the structure of your building or any of the property inside it. Finally, renters insurance offers protection if anything happens to your items while in a rental space, such as an apartment or dorm room on campus.

With Gabi Insurance, you can compare rates more easily because they are making these things more transparent. If simple transparency is what you are looking for, this will be the right place for you.

Speaking of direct-to-consumer services, this is how it works on account of Gabi Insurance. You can go online, find the option to buy the insurance, and then complete the transaction.

Gabi Insurance can be used for both vehicle and home insurance. Their product is a little different from the other providers that you might be used to because they do not have a policy that lasts a specific period.

Instead, they have a standalone option for each separate device. This means that you can get insurance for your vehicle or home for short periods instead of committing to one long-term policy. We will get into more detail about what you can get from them in the next section of this article.

Gabi Insurance has a ton of great options for their products, and we will go over them all so that you can learn more about what you can do. When we talk about the policy, we are going to start with the standalone option.

They have a standard policy which does not last for a very long time period. It is available as short as three months and as long as 20 years. Even though you can get the product to last that long it is not recommended because the loss of value could be very high since your vehicle will get older. You will need to be ready for that.

In 2017, Gabi Insurance made a lot of changes to its platform. In the beginning of the year, they saw a massive increase in traffic and in new customers. With these high levels of traffic, they were able to make huge changes each month.

Interestingly, they saw a slight decrease in customer service requests the following month, but once again, this was only a slight drop-off. This new feature we just talked about allows them to give you a personalized level of customer service.

Gabi Insurance’s homepage is very simple and clean. On the homepage, there are multiple options that you can access. You can look at the blog to read more about insurance, and you can look at the FAQ section, which is very popular among customers.

FAQ Gabi Insurance

You will also see that recently added an educational video series to their homepage. This series is meant to help you understand insurance better.

Gabi Insurance’s website is very well put together and easy to navigate. They have a blog where multiple interesting facts about various topics are discussed. This blog also has FAQ guides where the most popular questions are answered. Their education section is not only important but very popular.

Their FAQ page holds a lot of questions that are very common among their customer base. This makes it easier for any user to get the answer they are seeking. This page also has many different topics available to find an answer to your question, no matter what it is.

One of the best things about this site is that they include a separate section for each product, which is important because they have many different options.

Gabi Reviews

Gabi Insurance receives high reviews on social media. On Facebook, they have a 4.8-star rating. On Twitter, they have a 4.8-star rating as well. This also shows their customers are happy with the service they got from Gabi Insurance.

What is interesting about this insurance provider is that they also have some great discounts. For example, they have a $15 discount on your premium if you buy more than one policy at once.

Another great thing, especially if you are new to insurance, is the option of having the policy reviewed by an agent for free.

Gabi Insurance’s home insurance policy has a rate of 48 dollars for every month in the first year. After that year, their rate is 48 dollars for every month after. Their standalone car insurance policy has a rate of 96 dollars every three months in the first year, but after that, it changes to 96 dollars every 3 months. They have a great discount for a year, so this is an excellent option to take many advantages.

You want to receive the best customer service out there so that you can streamline your life as much as possible. Gabi Insurance’s customer service is amazing because they have an option where you can have your policy reviewed by an agent for free if your traffic is low.

Gabi referral program

Another benefit about this company is their referral program. you may earn money by bringing a friend to them for insurance. You have an unlimited amount of friends to whom you can refer.

In conclusion, Gabi Insurance is an excellent option for anyone looking for insurance. They offer different options that are not only affordable but also easy to use.

Their quote system is straightforward, and they have many different types of quotes that you can choose from. Many other providers do not allow you to choose between multiple types of quotes because they only offer one variety. Their quotes are different because they give you the option to see the price based on your driving history, your credit score, or both at once.

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