What Is The New 2021 Mercedes S Class Car Like?

The new Mercedes S-Class luxury car is longer and broader, but thanks to all-new rear-axle steering, it’s nimble and has a smaller turning radius for city driving. Within, those extra dimensions provide more comfort and space. A lounge-like atmosphere caters to the driver and passengers’ needs in distinctively S-Class ways.

Activate the massaging chairs, start an energizing comfort, lift the rear-seat calf rests, and listen with the high tech sound system: every journey is built to be memorable. There are no less than 19 motors for the driver to fine-tune his or her seat position for optimum comfort.


The new features include: an all-new exterior design headlights that extend into the fenders; optional laser headlamps; reclining rear seats with massage function; panoramic sunroofs on higher trim levels; dual 12.3-inch touchscreen displays in the front and rear seatbacks, which can also operate independently from each other.

Whether you want a small, efficient commuter or the ultimate luxury car, this car has it all. Perfect for new drivers and seasoned experts alike, when you buy a Mercedes s class (new), nobody can ever accuse you of buying boring!

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the latest in luxury automobiles. With a starting price of $132,000 for the base model, this car is not for everyone. However, if you want to be seen as one of the elite and drive around town in style, then this just might be your vehicle! 

Let the list begins!

Deployment of new rear-seat airbag 

The new rear-seat airbag is a world-class safety innovation of tomorrow. It deploys and inflates in milliseconds to provide protection for both the driver passenger’s head and neck from impact injuries during a crash on either side of the vehicle.

Increased passenger protection during side collisions 

The exterior has a sleek design that will make you stand out. On the road, it provides increased safety, thanks to improved passenger protection during side collisions and less problematic turning radius.

A luxury class with a compact car’s turning circle 

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class of 2021 was designed for those who enjoy taking the long way around a winding country road. Buying this new luxury class car, with its turn radius of just over nine feet, would be one of your best decisions yet. Because of the rear-axle steering, the vehicle has the highest level of agility. More security and stability.

Due to the rear-axle steering, the vehicle has the highest level of agility. 

This Mercedes S Class is For all of those harried souls, trying to fit more into their lives, this car will be the perfect vehicle with its high agility and stability.

Agility rear-axle steering 

Known for its iconic Merc design, agility in braking and enhancing dynamic driving, this future Mercedes Benz is going to get your palms sweaty. With rear-axle steering, drivers will be able to feel the fluidity of every turn on the road.

Parking Assist enables comfortable automatic parking

Picture this, you’re cruising, you find your spot at the mall, park on your own and shut off the engine, and then it starts to rain… Frustrating! 

But, not anymore with Mercedes-Benz’s novel Parking Assist. It automatically parks your car while you chill inside, oblivious to what is happening outside, thanks to clever tech sensors that scan for a space best suited for safe parking.

 Parking made easy thanks to rear-axle steering 

It’s no longer necessary to back up the car around that tight corner, and you can even go into parking spots in doorways. With this self-parking technology, life is more convenient than ever! Technology made easy for those who are on the go.

Excellent handling thanks to rear-axle steering

The sleek shroud of these luxury automobiles is an illustration of what the future holds. Rear-axle steering ensures that you have excellent handling and a maneuverable vehicle, and we integrated electronic assist steering to ease some of the strain on your muscles as well. 


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