Saturn, What Is The History Behind The Car?

When Saturn exited the American car market back in 2009, they left with a promise: If local muscle car enthusiasts desired a muscle car, they were there. Aside from formidable engines, the Aura machine dropped a bevy of bells and whistles for the buyer, starting with a reworked grille, and continuing with sport options, including heavy-duty shocks and specific tires. Eventually, Saturn upgraded the Aura to rpms of 2.7 liters, and this particular brand once again took over the American market. Let’s take a look at the brand’s newest car, the Saturn Aura.

The Saturn Aura is an exciting car for the brand, and an introduction to the future of Saturn; whoever manages to take over the reigns will do so with a revamped Aura. The current Aura is an impressive machine with plenty of options and the kind of style that has Saturn fans swooning. For those looking for an affordable entry-level brand name, the Aura is a must consider.

Unfortunately, the Aura leaves a lot to be desired compared to both its competition and Saturn’s recently introduced impactful polymer strapped counterpart: the Ion. But as is typical with Saturn, the Aura fits the bill as a well-rounded viable option. There is certainly not charity here; the Aura is a striking machine that stands out in the class of its competitors. The first impression is that of a clean and durable modern sedan.

The lines and angles of the car, despite its modern design, are reminiscent of classic1967 Pontiac Firebirds. The figure-eight catalyst hood is cut low and wide, allowing a powerful deployment of air flowing from the grille and forward to the rear of the vehicle. The lines of the hood meet ahead of the windshield, and the low windshield lines meet at the A-Pillar.

The front grille lights are unique to this car, a full head-lamp array, while the rear lights wrap around the tail and tall rear brush guard. The grille light clusters are straightforward and easy to read, the type is one of those thin-xi style lights without lines or Guides. The headlights and tail lights are uncluttered and straightforward, the lines flowing up from the grille and quarter glass. The hood opens to the right and up from the trunk/wheel well, allowing for an elegant exit. The figure-eight chrome Lund’ sasket Geneva steering wheel accepts an electronic speedometer with audio and navigation control. 

The E- Presto switch adds a touch of elegance to the luxurious leather seats. As is typical with Saturn, the center console is offset toward the front and offers integrated, non-ELS peek-through lighting. Bluetooth connectivity, a premium audio system, and an outstanding transmission are some of the upscale E- Luxury Package features. As is typical with Saturn, the Aura carries on the tradition of offering the best of the best in luxury in a small, sleek and athletic package.

The Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum Edition features the signature platinum grill and lavish bonnet, expansive rear windows, twin skylights, and unrivaled nighttime touring luxury. With just a touch of the button, the driver can engage and disengages the Adaptive Forward Lighting, allowing the Aura to recognize any ahead obstacles without asking the driver to do so. The base Aura will include the benefit of a Hybrid Refraction System (HR) , meaning that the car is capable of keeping the lights lit under any conditions.

This is the first time that a vehicle is available that is capable of intelligent nighttime lighting. The OnStar system activates the system via the driver’s radio remote. To help with visibility, the driver can enable the “high beams” option, and the lights will dim during the night until the sun causes them to reappear during the morning. The estimated fuel economy is 35mpg in urban environments and 25 mpg during the highway.

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