October 22, 2021

Sibros, Automotive Software For Your Car

Sibros is harnessing the power of connected vehicles to create a safer, more efficient driving experience for everyone.

It is a software and data integration that works with automobiles throughout their full life cycle, from research to development to end-of-life.

Founder and CEO Of Sibros

Hemant Sikaria stated that traditional automakers with the software are struggling and the impact how connected vehicles will look in five years.

Sibros provides all connected vehicles to make modern mobility safer, more entertaining, and more reliable. 

The automobile technology business offers a next-generation vehicle cloud software platform. It is founded and supported by former Tesla, Faraday Future, Hemant Sikaria, and Mayank Sikaria.

Sibros solutions have been created by a core team of experts in the automotive and mobility sectors with the latest industry challenges such as safety and cybersecurity standards in mind.

They have been adopted by OEMs ranging from the world’s most valuable AV / EV startups to the biggest manufacturers of two- and four-wheel vehicles. 

Video Of Sibros

Sibros has been working with automakers for years to provide services such as using your smartphone as a car key.

 It is improved by emergency response systems and even in-vehicle internet.

 In addition, they have worked with several well-known automakers, such as BMW, Renault, and Nissan.

At every stage of the development process, they collaborate with each company to improve their offerings.

Sibros software is now reaching its next level by bringing what was formerly only available in luxury cars to mainstream models for the mass market. 

The content density and quality of their apps will be highly scalable. They can also be applied to future models or platforms independently from other devices or operating systems due to their modular structure.

The software-defined car offers significant improvements in driver safety and convenience and attractive income opportunities for automakers and suppliers with software-based products. 

As the magnitude and complexity of vehicle electronics continue to grow, most new features will need to be software-enabled. It will imply a shift in the traditional product development process.

Engineering design decisions are made at the outset and finalized much earlier than necessary.

The benefits of a sophisticated driver assistance

It is a system that is aware of real-time traffic conditions and road geometry. It is also aware of traffic conditions and road geometry in real-time.

It could also refer to a safety system that issues early warnings about potentially harmful situations, as well as any human involvement that should not be overlooked.

Automakers now have the resources to create a continually growing car and linked services offering, thanks to data collection from sensors and the ability to update software at will.

The current problem is to keep track of the extensive vehicle software and data requirements.

A comprehensive IoT solution is encompassing all vehicle systems and functionalities. Ir will provide a single source of truth for car data and optimize the car-systems-as-a-service business model.

The software-defined car: A game-changer for the automotive industry

In 2011, Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape Communications, declared, “Software is consuming the world.”

That statement has proven true in recent years as software has become more prevalent in every area of our lives, from healthcare to finance. 

The internet itself could not function without software.

As a result, the once nascent software development industry has been transformed into an information technology juggernaut among the most powerful—and profitable—industries on Earth.

A transformative, software-driven approach allows vehicle manufacturers to manage hundreds of connected vehicle applications.

Service, fleet management, predictive maintenance, personalization, and data are also included.

SIBRO provides the most comprehensive connectivity platform to the world for software updates throughout the vehicle, live data acquisition, and performance analysis in one system.

The platform manages vehicle software, data, vehicle networks, and the cloud to allow for a connected vehicle ecosystem for today and tomorrow.    

 Sibros enables OEMs to provide outstanding services on a large scale for connected vehicles; via Sibro tech.

Sibos is one of the fastest-growing companies in the automotive technology sector with the mission of driving the connected vehicle ecosystem of the future with its award-winning platform for large-scale automotive and IoT software, data, and diagnostic management.   

Sibros Technologies sells a system that turns any vehicle into a network of network connections to the cloud through firmware and software.

Hemant Sikaria had the lightbulb moment to launch Sibros after several trips to his car for software recalls.    

“We thought we were in an industry where it was 2008 and the iPhone was just coming onto the market. Steve Jobs made some amazing products, but I’m sure he didn’t anticipate the multi-billion dollar companies that would build on his platform.”    

Modern vehicles contain 250 million lines of code and output petabytes of data each month, creating a complex data landscape.

A typical large automaker has hundreds of people working on-air programming and data collection, some of whom have been doing it for years.  

The products can be deployed end-to-end with in-depth software updates that allow data tracking, fleet management, AI-based analysis, and job order management.

In addition, the company’s deep connectivity platform enables advanced software updates, vehicle data collection, ECU software, inventory management, preventative maintenance, and more in one solution. 

SIBROs flagship product, the Deep Updater, delivers complete software updates for cars and OTA devices and logs important vehicle data in real-time from sensors and microchips. 

The software supports all vehicle platforms, architectures, and hardware from two- and four-wheelers to commercial vehicles, buses, electric, combustion, and hybrid cars. In addition, SIBRO stands out on the market with its modular system of complete vehicle updates and sensors.

The Deep Connected Vehicle Platform Company (SIBRO) will partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate connected vehicle platforms. It will advance connectivity offerings for the global automotive industry. 

SIBRO orchestrates software updates for the entire vehicle over-the-air (OTA) software, real-time data recording, fleet service management, diagnostics, and artificial intelligence analysis.

In addition, Sibro is a pioneer in intelligent methods of collecting data from IoT-enabled vehicle sensors that can be used to trigger events and set rules that the platform can set up.  

 (SIBRO) has completed a Series A financing of $12 million, which has brought its total capital to $15 million. SiBRO, the Deep Air OTA platform for advanced vehicle connectivity, announced cooperation with NXP Semiconductors.

 Sibro will offer a pre-integrated system-on-a-solution that integrates Sibro’s Deep Connectivity Platform as part of this partnership.

NXP automotive processors, including the new S32G2 vehicle network processor service-oriented Gateway reference platform Goldbox.    

Steve Schwinke, Vice President of Customer Engagement, presented a webinar on how 5G and the convergence of software-defined vehicles at Automotive Worlds.    

With an advanced connectivity platform built by a team with deep automotive roots, speed up the time to market and lower sales costs.

Use S32G2-based service-oriented gateways located in the vehicle to increase connectivity, perform advanced vehicle-wide data acquisition, and remotely update components and software. 

“The data collection and the software updates are displayed when we deal with them. Then we talk to the OEM about what we can do with the provider with whatever we work, saying, ‘We’ve got the software update.” 

Hemant Sikaria, CEO of Sibro, mentioned an automated cloud solution for managing connected vehicle software.

After the frustrating process of recalling vehicles that need software updates, he came up with SIBRO.

Why Sibros?

With an innovative connection platform designed by a team with significant automotive experience, you can shorten time-to-market while lowering before- and after-sale costs.

Sibros’ experience in the automotive software space is vast, going back almost 15 years. They have partnered with numerous car manufacturers, including Nissan, Renault, and BMW. 

Their team has been involved in all phases, from research to development, creation, implementation, and support of innovative solutions for connected cars.

They have also been involved in the design, certification, and production of numerous software-based automotive products.

Software-defined car: A game-changer for the automotive industry

In 2011, Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape Communications, declared, “Software is consuming the world.”

That statement has proven true in recent years as software has become more prevalent in every area of our lives, from healthcare to finance. In addition, the internet itself could not function without software.

Why this partnership?

Sibros has over 15 years of experience delivering cutting-edge software for connected cars. As a result, you can be sure that you’ll be able to quickly implement the solutions offered by Sibros and add value to your company.

In addition, Sibros takes care of your product communication management and focuses on other services to make your product more valuable to end-users.

What are they offering?

With an innovative connection platform designed by a team with significant automotive experience, you can now shorten time-to-market while lowering before and after-sale costs.

In Conclusion

The advantages of having a sophisticated driver assistance system that is aware of real-time traffic conditions and road geometry are a must.

Having a clever passive safety system capable of warning of hazardous circumstances is far too early for human and action cannot be overstated.

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