October 22, 2021

Bad News For Nissan Skyline (Ford Took It’s Trademark)

The Nissan Skyline is back! Ford filed a trademark application for Skyline’s name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on July 12th, 2021. 

The Nissan Skyline is well known as one of the most iconic cars in Japan, and it has been for a long time. It also has bragging rights to be one of the best sports cars ever made. 

The Buzz Around Nissan Skyline

With the globally renowned name, “Skyline,” Ford can offer a new line of cars that have been compared favorably with other models offered by Honda and Toyota. 

Ford Vs. Nissan Battle Of The Trademark Rights

However, when Ford filed their trademark application in the US on July 12th 2021 they discovered an opportunity to register the name quickly. Unfortunately, It seems Skyline is being branded as “Nissan Skyline USA,” which shows how clumsy Nissan company has become by not claiming the US trademark from the very beginning.

Did you know that Ford, not Nissan, has called that name Skyline for motor vehicles, SUVs, trucks, and cars ?    

Although the Japanese company did not retain the name in the US, this was because Ford stepped in and claimed it

 Ford Motor Company also filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office a trademark application for “Skyline”. Ford used a variant of the Skyline name Skyliner for four standard car concepts in the 1950s.

While American automakers have not used the Skyline name in the past, they have used it several times, and Ford has the authority to do so.    

King Records released the Nissan Skyline CM Collection, which includes a compilation of Nissan commercials.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and the Minami Kanto Regional Office of the Japanese Post Network Co. Ltd. announced the sale of an original frame titled “History of Cars: Nissan Skylines (5000 units) and History of Car:

Nissan Electric Vehicles ” for 1,000 units. The brand’s design is based on Nissan’s successive Skyline electric vehicles.   

While the name is still used in the brand’s version, the Infiniti Q50, most people associate the name with the iconic Skyline GT-R range built from 1969 to the fifth generation R34 in 2002.

Nissan decided to retain the name for the luxury sports car segment with its platform partner 350Z and revitalized the Z line of pure sports cars.

Many people say that Ford does not bear the name Skyline and that Nissan is the owner, but the latter owns the rights to some extent. 

Since Nissan has never registered the name in the USA, the name is theoretically up for grabs. If Ford does own the rights to the name, it would be valid in the United States, but Ford’s Skyline has not yet landed in the United States.   

In this case, the Ford Motor Company obviously owns the name Skyline in America. If you go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office website and search for “Skyline,” you will see that Ford trademark it.

For Instance, Ford has used the name in the past; Ford used the Skyline name in the 1950s for several Ford models. The Japanese protected the name, which allowed Ford in the United States to use and abuse it at will.    

Since then, the company has not retained the Skyline name in the US, and that is why Ford stepped in and claimed it.

The Skyline brand runs through Nissan’s branded version of Infiniti Q50. Still, most people associate it with the iconic Skyline GT-R series built from 1969 until the fifth generation of the R34 in 2002. 

Nissan decided to keep the name for the luxury sports car segment and its platform partner, the 350Z, and the revived Z line of pure sports cars.   

History On Nissan Skyliner

What Makes This Car So Special? The Skyline was an innovative design when first introduced on September 24th 1962 as a compact sedan with two engine choices:

the Datsun 1500 1800cc four-cylinder or 2000 cc six-cylinder engines.

These numbers might not seem that impressive by today’s standards, but in the 1960s, they were a breakthrough. The Datsun 1500 1800cc four-cylinder or 2000 cc six-cylinder engines)

See Video: World’s Best Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Why Do People Love It So Much? 

With its sleek styling and engine options to suit any driver, the Skyline quickly became a favorite among many. In 1966, it was given an update and renamed the Nissan R-Series in honor of its racing success. From then on, the car remained at the top for over 15 years with no other company coming close to replicating its performance or design until 1989 when Japan’s economic bubble burst.

How Did It Change What We Expect from Modern Sports Cars? 

The Skyline was a ground-breaking car in many ways, but one of the most important is that it set new standards for modern sports cars by demonstrating what they could be capable of if they were given the right amount of power.

This paved the way for future generations and made them what we know today as sports cars, which are now a hallmark of modern automobile design.

Nissan Skyline is so well-loved because of the way it performs on the road. Some car enthusiasts might say that Nissan Skyline’s design isn’t as good as others, but they would be mistaken.

This vehicle has a clean finish and an aerodynamic shape which makes this car surprisingly fast. The engine inside also contributes to its performance: It can go up to 200 mph which is not bad for a luxury sedan. 

Overall, there are many reasons why people love their Nissan Skylines and wouldn’t trade them for any other model out there.

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Image By Emiliano Arano