October 22, 2021

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Your Facebook Account Now

Are you ready to unfriend the app and press delete?

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When it comes to the social network, it is notorious for intentionally mishandling user’s data with no remorse. Facebook seems to be defined by its ongoing problems and the company has repeatedly gathered user data without their authorization therefore here are the reasons why you should delete the account.

10. Messenger Vs Facebook App:

It is unnecessary to choose 2 different apps such as messenger and Facebook just to message someone when they are both owned by the same company. Downloading bunch of apps can create a storage issue on your phone.

9. Your Private Data is Shared with Applications:

As a consumer, one must be worried about the privacy and personal data. If you have ever used the Facebook platform, you should consider your data as public. We have seen breaches of data security at different levels.

8. Lack of Privacy:

You never know when your comment on someone’s post instigates certain emotions, voices amongst your inner circles of friends, and families can put you in an awkward position.

7. Who Cares About Your Views:

We all have different views about politics and different aspects of life, therefore one’s opinion should not spew hate and causes friction among family and friends.

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6. Self Promotion:

On your Facebook feed, you will see many people broadcasting self-promotion and achieving certain milestones to show off. Majority does not care, except true friends who supports your achievements.

5. Personal Life on Facebook:

Even on the social media platform, some people like to put their personal drama of life in front of the web for the world to see, hear and read. These types of people are just attention seekers.

4. Fake Connections:

There are people with hundreds and thousands of friends on the FB forum. Only few are considered as true friends. It can be annoying having so called “fake friends” that you do not know, wishing you a happy birthday.

3. Bombardment of Invitations:

You’ll be surely fed up with rejecting/accepting so many invitations you aren’t looking for and yet, people continue to send invitations to random people hoping that you will accept them. It is painful, to say the least, and you’ve to come across it every day.

2. Facebook’s Original Purpose is Dead:

Facebook has changed, it is not about connecting anymore. If you are a long-time user of Facebook, I am sure you have noticed the difference on your newsfeed. The feeds are getting out of control and it doesn’t matter if it pertains to you or not, they are just storing your data.

1. Relationship Status:

People may want to keep some of their personal information private. Because announcing your relationship on FB won’t make you more committed or work better. It will even allow commentary from outside. It’s your personal information and announcing it on FB only causes gossip and distractions.

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Are you thinking about deleting your Facebook account now? Why or Why not?