Who is Siri? (The Powerful Voice Behind Your Trusted Assistant)

We have all heard of Siri, the intelligent voice that is your trusted voice assistant. But who is she really? What drives her personality and her famous voice? In this article post we will explore the powerful personality behind one of our most beloved assistant. How Siri help better our lives? For instance, She will generate lists of songs, videos, paths, or shopping recommendations that match your tastes and ask for details like your location or contact information.

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Throughout the years, several third-party software extensions have been developed to extend Siri with new functions or add additional functions to existing ones.

Most third-party Siri extensions have been made to work with the latest iOS and iPadOS software versions. The following features of Siri are borrowed from Facebook’s Messenger. 

Customized Marketing Campaign

You can specify a marketing campaign, call-to-action email, text message, or duration for customized alert setting, all of which influence when your assistant will display alerts or silence your device.

Setting up custom alerts in your Apple device can be done directly in Control Center or through the System Preferences of iOS. Siri’s Call Forward function allows you to forward incoming calls to a specific number.

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The Send To option is under the Call Forwarding section, which is found at the top right corner of the Siri display window.

4. Call display Siri displays a picture of the contact that you want to call on your display along with your contact information, which includes name, email, phone number, and notes, if you have any. 

Call Display

5. The Call Display feature allows you to showcase the caller’s number on your iPhone screen and clarifies the name of the person you are calling.

You can activate this function from the Control Center, Control → Accessibility → Call Display or by pressing and holding the desired number. Siri’s Call Phrases allows you to search for and easily add various phrases to your contacts.

You can create up to 30 terms and then speak the words along with a favorite song, video, voice memo or activity from the respective app. 

Steaming Services Notification

Notification extensions such as Cheddar TV, LivestreamTV, TED, or NPR can also play a ringtone or background sound. You can edit your Smart Central settings to enable or disable smart discourses within the notification suspension.

 She Is Your Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, Siri obtains relevant information about the environment to provide its users with the context necessary to make quick decisions, like setting timers and alarms or getting directions.

However, despite being part of the operating system powering hundreds of millions of Apple devices, Siri has not achieved a great deal in terms of reaching mainstream adoption, despite various attempts by Apple to diversify its services.

 In Conclusion

One of Siri’s challenges is understanding natural language since orientated technologies like natural language understanding have been comparatively rare in voice assistant software.

Nonetheless, with the launch of the latest iteration of Apple’s iOS 11 “iCamera” (the image and video sharing service running on the new iOS), the progress in voice assistant software has been rapid.

Apple’s latest move to introduce a virtual assistant system built into the camera has passed with wide acceptance, raising several new questions about its usefulness and role with Apple’s line of devices. 


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