October 22, 2021

Meet The Women In Tech Today!

Who are these powerhouses? These women come from every aspect of their lives and have their challenges.

The rapid growth with technology has given them a voice, but it also comes at its drawbacks. With this article post, I will provide you with a glimpse of the women who are in charge of the digital world.

Joy Buolamwini

Joy Buolamwini is an MIT Media Lab computer scientist and digital activist. She was awarded the Anita Borg Early Career Award and the awards from Google, Facebook, and Intel for their work in facial analysis.

Buolamwini is committed to using technology to advance social justice issues such as gender bias in AI systems.

Her research in artificial intelligence (AI) led her to question whether or not it was possible for algorithms that are trained on data sets that include only males to be completely unbiased when analyzing women’s faces.

She authored the book “The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence.” The MIT Media Lab-bound computer scientist and digital activist have been awarded prizes for her work in facial analysis.

She wrote how she wondered whether algorithms that are only trained on data sets with males could be completely unbiased when analyzing females’ s faces – which sets off a chain of events that lead to changes made by technology giants, such as Apple and Microsoft.

Buolamwini is committed to using technology to advance social justice issues such as gender bias in AI systems. In Buolamwini’s work, she has investigated the lack of diversity in artificial intelligence.

She was named a TED Fellow and given $20,000 to continue her research on “unconscious bias in AI.”

She is also working with Microsoft Research Africa investigating how facial recognition could be more accurate for black people.

Her investigations have been published at top conferences worldwide, including proceedings from CVPR, ECCV, EMNLP, and ICML, and top peer-reviewed journals like IJCV and ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems.

Joy Buolamwini serves on numerous international advisory boards, including MIT Lab’s Protei project, which aims to create autonomous water monitors that can sense pollution in all levels.

Ursula Burns 

Women in tech are still a rarity, but leaders like Ursula Burns do so as the women that have made a distinction in the industry.

As VEON’s chairman, she led the company’s global expansion to provide more than 240 million customers with internet and mobile communications services.

It is not surprising that she was named in 2017, with her leadership skills and her expertise in corporate development.

In 2009 IBM appointed Ursula to the post of President and President of Fortune 500 Company EVER as its first black leader. She was CEO and Chairman of 4 major companies, 2 female-led and 2 large international telecommunications companies. 

The former chairwoman and CEO of VEON led the telecom company’s global expansion to provide internet services and mobile communication for more than 240 million customers.

With her leadership skills in this industry, it is no surprise that she was named one of Forbes’ 100 most influential list.

Katie Moussour 

Katie Moussour is a renowned security expert and the founder and CEO of Luta Security. Katie’s passion for cybersecurity started when she was just six years old after her father gave her a copy of ‘The Cuckoo’s Egg’ by Cliff Stoll.

Her fascination with technology continued to grow as she learned about hacking from the school computer lab in middle school and gained notoriety in high school for exposing vulnerabilities at major corporations.

She is a graduated from Harvard University in computer and electric engineering magna cum laude; she founded Harvard Women In Technology (HWIT). Katie won numerous prestigious awards, including a “30 Under30” award from Forbes, a “40 Under 40” award from Fortune and the FBI Excellence Director Award.

Dr. Kate Crawford

Dr. Kate Crawford is a pioneer in the study of artificial intelligence and its implications for society.

In her research on how AI will affect the future of work, gender dynamics, and other social issues, she featured in popular media including Wired Magazine, MIT Technology Review, and the New York Times. Dr. Crawford’s most recent book, “AI Now: Social Justice with Artificial Intelligence”, was released and discussed some of these topics in depth while also providing solutions for implementing AI technologies responsibly and ethically into our world today.

In “AI Now,” Dr. Crawford discusses how AI technologies are being used to reinforce biases in our society and what can be done about it.

For example, a facial recognition company recently cut off access for law enforcement after they found their system was more likely to misidentify African Americans than other races, which could lead to false arrests or even violence against minorities.

As the rate of adoption of these types of technologies increases, so will awareness regarding this issue- leading many companies like IBM and Watson Health (who’s using machine learning to improve cancer treatment) to release detailed data on the racial bias inherent within its predictive analytics models)

Dr. Crawford believes that we should take an active role in shaping artificial intelligence in research.

Marita Cheng

Marita Cheng is an inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She has a passion for creating inventions that make life easier for people with disabilities or who are visually impaired.

After graduating from MIT, she started Aubot, a telepresence robot designed to help kids with cancer attend school virtually while in treatment at the hospital.

Now Cheng co-founded Airplay, an app that recognizes and relays objects in real-time for the visually impaired.

In her free time she volunteers as “mentor mom” to students participating in STEM programs through STEAM Kids Foundation–an organization run by NASA engineers Jennifer Carter Earle (who worked on robotics for Mars missions)

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In conclusion, women tech Technology has given women a voice, but it also comes with drawbacks.

With the development of technology and everything to keep this booming industry alive, there are so many things to learn from the powerful women who today lead the globe.

Whether they are running major tech companies or starting their businesses, we can all take notes on how they work hard for what they want and achieve their goals despite any obstacles put before them.

Who have been your favorite women in tech? We hope you enjoyed reading about some incredible ladies making waves across industries do not forget to share our post!


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